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Repair guides and disassembly information for the MacBook Pro 16'' released in November of 2019. Model A2141, EMC 3347.

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Annoying click sound from the base of MacBook Pro 2019 16"

I bought Macbook Pro 16" just 3-4 months ago. I have never dropped or damaged it in any way. Just a week ago I noticed this annoying CLICK sound coming from the top-left corner of the base. Unlike other annoying sound issues, previously mentioned in this forum, mine doesn't happen when I shake OR open/close the lid. In my case, the CLICK sound occurs when the lid is open and I:

  1. Tilt the laptop up & down (video attached)
  2. Put slight pressure on the lid in one direction (eg. from back to front) and hold it for a sec. Then release the pressure slowly.

In the attached video you can hear the click sound and it occurs just where my thumb is placed; I can feel it in my thumb/fingers, so it's definitely mechanical. The lid opens/closes smoothly and, as of now, the issue hasn't affected the screen/display in any way. It's just that it's annoying and I am worried that it might lead to problems in the future.

Has anybody faced a similar problem? Should I be worried about it or is it just another annoying "non-issue" of Macbook Pro?

PS: Seems like it’s related to the hinge mechanism.

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I think you should bring your system into an Apple Store to have it looked at.

I don’t think its the hinge, if it was then moving the lid would be making the noise not your flexing of the body.

As we can’t see your other hand I’m not sure if you are torquing the case so it is encountering a shifting within it, like the logic board screws are slipping so the board shifts making the noise.

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Hello Dan,

Thanks for answering. I am not torquing or flexing the case, just tilting it. Sometimes it would happen even with the slightest movement when the laptop is in my lap or when I pick it up. One more thing, I am not sure but it seems to occur at least once after my laptop starts heating (due to heavy load on CPU) and fans start.


@johnterrynheq - That points to thermal expansion effecting the chassis and/or the logic board.


If it is only due to expansion affecting the chassis then it shouldn't happen under normal temps, right? But it happens under normal temps as well and even when my laptop was turned off for like 5-6 hours.

Is this expansion permanent, or the chassis returns to its original form when it cools down? If it's really the expansion effect then is there any solution for that?



As I said time to visit an Apple Store!


I am in Pakistan. Only a small number of authorized service providers here (I think maybe 1 or 2). It's quite difficult to claim a warranty here


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