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15" versatile and affordable laptop. Has both AMD and Intel models.

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Why is my laptop screen blank but laptop is on

I shutdown my laptop after using it and when I tried turning it on again all I get is a black screen but the laptop is on.I tried resetting it using the novo button but nothing worked as of yet.

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Hi @nemesiscameron ,

Try connecting an external monitor to the laptop's HDMI port.

Even a TV can be used as an external monitor as long as it has HDMI inputs and you have the appropriate cable to connect the two together.

Remember to press the display hotkey (next to the screen brightness key) t change the display from laptop screen to external to both.

Are you sure that it booted into the OS? Did you hear the Windows greeting chime after startup?


@jayeff hello….I’ve tried it all and it’s not outputting to external source even on HDMI and yes..the laptop booted up cause I can hear my deep in Linux chime sir..


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Hi @nemesiscameron ,

I don’t know Linux but if you don’t get a display when going into BIOS either (you said you tried pressing the Novo button to start the laptop) then there must be a motherboard problem.

How old is the laptop? Looking at the support page for the laptop, it seems a recently released model.

If it is under 12 months get it fixed under the manufacturer’s warranty

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The laptop is only four months old and I tried using the warranty but they said it’s only applicable in he states..I live in Kenya and I imported it from cause of the price difference.. I’ll just have to pay to get it fixed


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