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The Lenovo Yoga 710-14IKB was released August 2016. Model name 80V4. 14" touchscreen convertible laptop by Lenovo.

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Are there ways to make it run cooler?

Are there ways to make it cooler? I’ve tried to change the thermal paste and cleaning up the cooling system, but the computer still makes loud noise. Are there any replacement fans that are more quiet than the original ones?

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Have you ever repasted the CPU? The paste usually goes bad within 2-3 years, sometimes 4. Refer to this guide to remove the heatsink.

In addition to cleaning the paste, clean up the dust in the fan and heatsink fins. After a few years, the fans tend to clog up with dust and run slower. It may also be due to a bad heatsink, especially if a ULV machine like this is running hot - these shouldn’t get too hot even with a 7500U. It may be normal for it to run hot, as many laptops tend to run on the warm side with some being worse then others.

If that doesn’t help, there’s no way to replace the fans (even if you could, Lenovo PWM is temperamental if it even suspects a bad fan) so you’ll either have to live with it OR get a cooling pad.

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