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Released November 2016, the PS4 Pro features upgraded hardware for 4K gaming and video streaming. Model: CUH-7015B.

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The power button on my ps4 pro kills it

the power button on my ps4 pro kills all power to the system, it’s not like when you hold it down it beeps and powers off, it acts as if the power cable had been pulled and refuses to power on until I unplug and plug it back into the wall, I don’t know why this happens the power button does not work for turning the system on it just kills the power, how do I fix this?

(edit) I have not tried replacing the power button and have only opened the console to replace the can and thermal paste, I did not do this before opening the console and noticed the board for the power light has melted, no damage to the motherboard just the lights

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I doubt it's melted. Are you able to post a photo of it here?

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There are two causes of power on and shut off that are common in the PS4 Pro:

It'll usually be either of the two. Cockroach infestation or power supply being faulty. It'll most likely be the latter in this case where a PSU replacement will fix it.

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I can confirm that no cockroaches have ever been inside this ps4, I would send a photo if I wasn't scared to open it again cause last time I opened it was just to replace the fan and now the power button kills all power to the console


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