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The Asus Republic of Gamers G20 is a small-form-factor gaming PC with enthusiast-level components and good performance. Released in 2014.

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PC powers up however no signal on the monitor and keyboard and mouse

Basically today i was using my pc as I normally do watching youtube and playing games, then my screen freezes with a weird buzzing noise, so i turn it off but when i turn it back on the system powers up however i now no longer get a signal, i bought this pc off amazon its called ADMI Gaming PC and i got early in the year and its been fine i have added a wifi card and upgraded the ram and its been working fine until today, what do i do?

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I would start by checking the cables and making sure they're tight and secure, after that check your fans to make sure nothing is stopping them and then I'd check your power supply with a multimeter to verify correct voltages are being supplied. If correct voltages are being supplied, cables are tight and still nothing upon powering on you may have a faulty graphics card in need of repair or replacement or a bad monitor.

Update (06/27/2020)

How do you know the mouse and keyboard are working if you cannot get anything to display on screen? It sounds to me like you have a bad graphics card or maybe a bad input on your monitor. Are you using the same input and cable for your ps4 as for your pc to make absolutely sure you can rule out the monitor and cable as bad? Also when you power up your pc do you hear any beeping coming from inside the case? Assuming that your internal speaker is connected your motherboard will indicate to you any errors with booting when first powering on. Also if your motherboard offers on board graphics as well as having a pci or pci express graphics card the settings may be expecting a monitor on a different output than the one your monitor is connected to. We're you able to verify that your power supply is supplying the correct voltages with a multimeter?

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I’ve checked everything the wires are all fine, and the power supply is fine, the monitor works as it’s displaying my PS4 however nothing seems to be coming out from the pc, the monitor isn’t working and neither are the mouse and keyboard, but the computer seems to be running


I'm going to go with bad gpu in this case. If not it's the mainboard / cpu or even the bios chip. Either way from here is best to start with gpu in my opinion.


For others reading this how to replace graphics card:

Asus ROG G20


My G20CI does the same but it will start normally when i take off power input

and reconnect it. then it works and time to time does that again while gaming just freezes and turns itself back on. fans spinning leds working but no signal to monitors, keyboard or mouse. I got suggested Power supply might be the problem?


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