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Apple Watch Series 2, announced September 7th, 2016 and released September 16 2016.

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Apple watch Series 2 - adding adhesive to force touch gasket

Planning to replace the screen as well as the force touch gasket.

I’ve read some reviews saying that adhesive on some force touch gaskets don’t stick the screen to the case really well. Will adding more adhesive to the top and bottom of the gasket allow the screen to still fit flushed to the case?

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The gasket is not intended to be ridged! It needs to flex as within it is a sensor so the watch knows it was touched.

I personally haven’t had any issues when I was fixing the watch (I don’t any more). The issue I’ve have seen is people not cleaning the surfaces properly as well as touching the gasket adhesive.

Any oils or dirt on the surfaces will cause the part not to adhere properly. Make sure you are using reagent grade solvents.

The other issue is an old gasket which is not properly sealed can have its adhesive dry out.

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Thanks for your response! very helpful. Was wondering if it still keeps some of its water resistant capabilities?


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