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The Bose Wave Radio AWR1-1W, also known as the Bose Wave Radio I, was released in 1993. A countertop AM/FM radio system with a high performance stereo tuner and two independent alarms.

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Unit seems frozen, all displays lite, no reaction from buttons

Unit seems frozen, all display is lite, no reaction from pushing buttons

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Have you tried a power refresh to see if this resolves the problem, you didn’t say?

Here’s the procedure:

Disconnect the power from the radio and also remove the 9V backup battery from the radio.

Press and hold the radio’s power ON button for 10 seconds and then release.

Reconnect the power to the radio and check what happens when you try to turn it on.

If it works check the voltage of the backup battery before reinserting in case it needs replacing

If still no good then the radio will have to be opened and the motherboard checked for any obvious problems. I cannot find the schematics for the radio online which would help further. You may have better luck by searching for the (insert motherboard ‘board number’) schematics as there is nothing found when using the make and model number. The board number will be printed on the motherboard. Here are the ifixit Bose Wave Radio AWR1-1W Repair guides which may help with opening the device.

The answers in this link may also be of some help, but maybe not. Total functional failure and no diplay

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