System won't charge, light does not appear, does power on

My DSI XL won’t charge. I’ve tested all the points that I know to test, so here’s what I know.

Charging cable is supplying 5v

Charging port is receiving 5v

F1 resistor under the charging port is reading 4v

… Not sure where to check next, cannot find diagrams…

Battery is supplying 3.5v to system via red/black cable from secondary PCB

I’m not sure where to look next. Obviously it has to be between the F1 chip and the battery.

The context to all of this is that I wired up a USB-C breakout board to the system earlier, and I got it to work for 2-3 trial runs. Later that day I tried again and both the USB-C port and the normal charger did not charge the device. I wired the USB-C port to the TP2/TP5 pads on the back of the mainboard.

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