iMac will not come on completely. HELP!

I turn the iMac on. The status light on right side is on solid. No chime, black screen, and fan running. I hear something trying to work by the DVD slot but not sure how to explain that. I took the front bezel off and checked the LEDs. The first two LEDs are lit and that is it. I did some research here only to find out that most people seem to fix these start up problems with a power supply. I believe my power supply is good. I am thinking maybe the main logic board. This was replaced a few years ago under warranty however the warranty has since run out. Can anyone please give me a heads up as to what the cause could be? Thanks!!!!


I know its been awhile but thanks for the answer. It wound up being the logic board. I am in the process of trying to repair it myself. If it works I will let you guys know how I did it.

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I have tried that already. I have found everything to be ok other than the logic board. Does this mean the logic is the cause? I have no way to replace the logic board with a known good one to check it. Thanks!


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