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2.0GHz, 2.3GHz, or 2.6GHz quad-core Intel Core i7 processor (Turbo Boost up to 3.8GHz) with 6MB shared L3 cache.

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Random short display glitches

Hi all. I got the base 15 inch. I’ve noticed a weird behavior with the display. Every now and then, mostly when i click to interact with the os, i see a fast screen glitch behind the active window. Sometimes behind all windows sometimes just behind the active one. This must be a widespread issue as I returned the macbook and got another one. Same model but different store. Same issues.

also, happens on external displays as well as macbook display. I originally thought its a failing graphics chip, that’s why i returned the original MBP. But since the issue is happening on my other one as well this might be a driver issue perhaps.

any experience?

Update (05/22/2020)

@danj I got one couple weeks ago used that was in a pretty bad condition (i only really found all the issues after buying it) and for that reason when I saw the flickers I figured the graphics chip is failing and I just returned it while I could. Couple days ago I got another one, still used but in a great condition this time, from an actual store with a one year warranty. And when the glitches happened there I figured must me something other than the chip failing then.

Update (05/22/2020)

@danj Hey, I managed to catch a video of the flicker. Again, note it happens without any script running as well, and happens completely randomly whatever apps I have open or what I am doing. Please check the video here:

Here’s the snaps from it:

Block Image

Just before

Block Image

The glitch!

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When did you buy your system? I'm suspecting you selected the wrong system year. The 2013 models haven't been sold new since around July 2014.


How about posting a short vid so we can see the problem Adding images to an existing question


@danj I would love to but it really happens randomly and the flicker lasts for like a fraction of a second. You just see a flicker with the corner of your eye and its gone. Seems to happen when the computer is going from an idle-ish state to a more under-load. Or sometimes just randomly when I switch from one window to another.


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The only thing I can suggest is see if you get an error when running the onboard diagnostics. Restart your system and press the D key to enter into it. Did you get an error?

I have not seen a fleeting glitch like you have described.

Update (05/22/2020)

OK, now I understand why you're getting the glitch!

The patch (RealMacMods NoCrash Utility) you put in resets the VCORE voltage set within the firmware, to solve a crash issue some in this series had. This patch had its own issues! Unless you are encountering the shutdown event issue I would not recommend using it at all.

This patch is not a real fix its just a band-aid!

The real fix it fixing the logic board CPUVR power MOSFET's as my friend at TCRS shows in this vid Why is your Late 2013-2015 A1398 MacBook Pro randomly crashing? CAUSE AND SOLUTION

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I haven’t tried it on this model yet. I did it on the previous one and it only returned a webcam error (the camera was unplugged from the motherboard). Also, may be related in some way.

Both of the models experienced the CPU issue where theres some unstable voltage causing the computer to shut off randomly. On both models this is fixed using the RealMacMods NoCrash utility.

My only other explanation is these two issues somehow being related. The CPU thing is known to be a widespread issue, but I haven’t found anything in regards to the glitches. As I said, happens mainly in the background, meaning full screen apps seem to run just fine (I haven’t noticed the glitching in full screen apps).

Okay thanks. I certainly wouldn't know how to do this myself, and I am not sure if any stores where I live would perform this.

Truth is, the way I found this RealMacMods utility is I sent my previous one for a fix for the random shut downs and they just returned it to me with the utility installed. It was a bit of a shady reseller tho so I might try to report the issue in the store

I have bought this one in maybe they would do something about it. Thanks for the info anyway.

One more question tho, is there any long term damage that the RealMacMods utility would do? Or is it just some glitches here and there? Thanks


The root issue is the MOSFET's Apple used in this series degraded! You'll note the followup models don't use this circuit design. Depending on how hard the system is used will influence the degradation of the chips.

Again, if you are not experiencing the issue I wouldn't use the software fix. The glitch you are seeing is when the CPU is switching states but the fix tells the CPU No! I want you to stay at the higher power stage!

So what is the issues here using this utility? The CPU will run hotter than it needs to, the system runs hotter, the battery won't last as long.

Basically, its lifespan and battery life is shorter

I fixed a friends system years ago and its still running! So replacing the chips with newer rev'd versions does work!

Depending on how much you spent it might be worth it. Given the systems age does it meet your needs? Are you planning on getting a newer system at some point? Then maybe its worth living with the glitch.


@danj Well most importantly, i just bought it few weeks ago and it does have 12 month of warranty so I suppose the store would replace the laptop if they found the issue. Last time with the shady repair with previous model they did find the issue as I instructed them specifically to put the laptop so sleep via the Apple menu > Sleep which was almost guaranteed to cause the shutdown. Tho their "fix" was the using the utility. I found a forum with a open source (i guess, i mean it is just 2 lines of Python code) version of the script which consumes half the CPU and I noticed it reduces the CPU temps by a HUGE amount (from 70-80ish degrees to around 50)

One other big difference actually is, the previous one had this issue EVERY TIME I hit restart. The screen would turn off, fans would go to 100% and then it would shut off. This one so far reboots just fine, but I did have it turn off when it was supposed to be sleeping.


I bet you are a Red Bull drinker or other high caffeinated drink.

Did you ever read the Ingredients listing and understand what the other stuff besides the caffeine is for? Every time we alter things we often have to alter the alteration to fix them! If you can live without the caffeine that is a better solution (and cheaper)!

This can get deep real fast! Thats the issue you face here, patching and patching to fix each issue created by the other, Apple did a good design here. There chip vendor messed them up!

Basically, you need to figure out which is the better long term solution.


@danj Haha no I don't like energy drinks. They taste like chewing gum. I'm more of a tea-person. Anyways, I will keep testing and if it gets worse I will just return it. Thanks for the help. I am currently using the laptop without any script running and I'll see if the flashing keeps occurring. However I am thinking, and excuse a potentially dumb thought here, you said it is because the CPU wants to switch to a lower power mode, but it more occurs when it's going from idle-ish to something more intense. For example, when I am extracting a DMG image, it sometimes can happen at the beginning of the process as the fans start to spin up and CPU usage increases.


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