Camera won't turn on. Used to force close, now -- nothing!

I haven’t turned this camera on for about 3 years. It used to have a problem where it would only stay on for a few seconds, then shut itself off. I could usually take a few photos in this time. Now nothing happens when I press the power button.

I have tried:

- bending up the battery connectors

- bending up the small switch by the battery door (hopefully that helps it recognize the battery?)

- putting rubbing alcohol (90%) near the power button and shutter button

- using a small air blower around the ports and buttons, and then a hair dryer on cool

- opening it up and looking for problems (nothing visible to me, but only the back was accessible)

- running a piece of paper under the power button, to dislodge anything?

- just whackin’ it

I don’t know what to look for in the shutter if that’s a potential issue. I’ve looked on the forums here for different camera power issues and tried the ideas I found there, but haven’t even found one where the camera doesn’t respond at all to power.

Would love any help! Thank you!

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