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A Sony Cyber-Shot DSC-W120 is the 2008 entry of Sony's DSC-W series digicams. Comes with a 2.5" LCD screen and a disappointingly small viewfinder.

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Is there a way to fix water damage?

My daughter had her camera in her backpack and her water bottle popped open and got everything wet. It wouldnt tun on after that. This was a couple years ago, and it still wont. She said it didnt get very wet so I thought it would dry out and be ok. Is there anything I can do to find and repair it?

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but my cam not fix still i opened and saw it some damage in motherboard like sky blue how to fix it please help me


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My concern at this time would be corrosion. Hoe you removed the battery. Make sure the contacts have not corroded. You could follow the teardown from here to disassemble your camera. For any liquid immersion, I would suggest this guide. Hope this helps, good luck.

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Dropped the camera out of my hand on the ground and when they run did not operate how repaired

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