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Repair guides and disassembly information for the MacBook Pro 16'' released in November of 2019. Model A2141, EMC 3347.

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Where to buy a button for MacBook Pro 16" 2019 A2141

Hi there!

Please help to find a store where I can buy button for MacBook Pro 16" 2019 A2141 (EMC 3347). I've been searching during hours on this website, Amazon, Alibaba, eBay, Google etc.

A 'right shift' has stuck on my Mac, after cleaning it is working 1-2 days and stacking again. I've decided to replace that, but can't find where to buy. Please help!

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Sorry, The key cap’s are just not available yet. Normally I would you just go to an Apple Store to have them replace it under warranty. The rub here is the stores are closed, the next option is locating an Apple authorized service center that’s open all they will do is ship your system to the Apple repair depot.

Or… Get a bluetooth keyboard for now until the parts become available or when the Apple Store’s open up.

I would watch here: TheBookYard UK - MacBook Pro retina Key Caps

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