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Model A1046 or A1095 / 1280x854 screen resolution

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Why do I have a grey background and a folder on my screen?

My computer doesn't start. It only has a grey screen with a folder. How can I fix this?

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Your hard drive may have a software or hardware issue. If it's a software issue there's a chance ti can be repaired with Disk Utility software. To do so, boot the computer with your installation disk and use Disk Utility to scan your internal hard drive. If Disk Utility doesn't see the hard drive then it could be a major HD problem and other applications like DiskWarrior can be used to rebuild your HD index.

A hardware problem can be caused by a faulty mechanism or a faulty electronic board. You cannot repair it so you need to replace the HD. Do you ear the hard drive spinning when booting the PB? Any click sounds?

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This means that your system can't find a system folder. Boot from your installation disk by putting in the disk at start up and holding down the "C" key. Then run Disk Utilities. If this doesn't fix it you may indeed have a bad hard drive. Here's the instruction on hard drive replacement:

PowerBook G4 Aluminum 15" 1.67 GHz Hard Drive Replacement

This model uses a ATA drive. Here's a good replacement drive.

[produto vinculado ausente ou desativado: IF107-069-1]

It's not to hard a fix but requires some skill and attention to detail.

Good Luck

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lemerise's answer was not up when I started writing this. So his answer gets an up vote from me


Thanks mayer !!


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This often indicates a bad hard drive-- but just try restarting it by holding in the power button. I think it means that your computer can't recognize your hard drive correctly?

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