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iPhone 6 unresponsive touch line at center from top to bottom

Have an iphone 6, it had a shorted wifi ic which burns skin to the touch when active, after replace ic everything works again, but now iphone don’t accept touch in a invisible vertical line at center, from top to bottom, that cath the “5“ number at keyboard and everything else in that vertical pixel line. Tried with new LCDs to be sure, 100% not lcd related. No other artifacts.

Can it be a touch disease situation?

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No it wouldn’t be the signature touch problem that the 6 plus has. It is more likely from too much heat affecting a component on the other side of the board. Did you clean all the black coating off the components around the touch FPC? If not that would be the first place to look as one could have come loose from the heat applied to the other side of the board.

It could also be one of the SAGE lines under the touch IC. You might have to do the painstaking exercise to diode all the touch FPC connector if the above fails to reveal a problem.

I don’t know how accurate these are as I usually compare to a known good board.

Block Image

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Removed the black coating today, almost every tiny component were lose, but they all realated to camera. After solder one by one camera works but still have same problem on touch, in fact only 3 or 4 components at top related to that fpc, and that are fixed and well. I will try remove touch ic next and see the lines.

About diode mode i don’t have another good motherboard to compare with…

Thank you for your help


I just reball the 2 touch ics, problem solved. No missing pads or broken contacts were found, so i just put them back after cleaning. Thank you for your help!


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