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Model A1238 / 80, 120, or 160 GB hard drive / black or silver metal front

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320 Gb HDD from Toshiba

iPod Classic (new one) will accept Toshiba 320 Gb HDD?

What about this:

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need more information on the 320GB. What is the drive number? What is the interface....your ipod is a 6th gen classic?


If your question is if this one will accept the above drive, then the answer is no. Same problem.


Thank you verry much.


You are welcome, good Luck


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If you are thinking about using the Toshiba MK3233GSG in your ipod, then the answer is no. It will not work because it has SATA interface. The 320GB is a dual-platter one, that means that the interface wont fit and it has different mechanics as well . The HDD for the 160GB iPod is 5mm thick and the 320 GB is 8mm. Hope this makes sense. Good Luck

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There is a 250GB drive out there with an ZIF - IDE Interface. As far as i remember they tested it in a 5.5G iPod Video and it worked.

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Thanks you :)


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