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2, 2.26, 2.53, or 2.66 GHz Core 2 Duo processor

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Can I connect my old SuperDrive externally?

I am installing a dual drive kit into a 2009 Mac mini. When I remove the SuperDrive to put in an HDD, would I be able to take my SuperDrive and re-connect it and use it externally with an adapter like this one:


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Yes, iFixit recommends this on most of their dual drive installation manuals. Here’s the product page for iFixit’s own SuperDrive adapter, and it lists your Mac Mini as being compatible: SATA Optical Drive USB Cable

Don’t be discouraged by your computer only having USB 2, those transfer speeds are completely usable. I frequently boot MacOS off of flash drives on my 2009 white MacBook (which only has USB 2), and transfer all sorts of stuff on that computer.

I can’t guarantee that that one on Amazon will work, it looks fine, although it looks like it says something about power problems with USB 2 computers. It might be worth it to look around for one that will definitely work with an older computer, or research with that one more.

Imagem de SATA Optical Drive USB Cable


SATA Optical Drive USB Cable


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Sadly your system only has the older USB2 interfaces which is different to the USB3 version, it will be dog slow!

There are a few FireWire optical drives made back then, but finding one now will be difficult.

I don’t know of anyone trying with this older model, I think it has a PATA not SATA based optical drive but I could be wrong.

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It doesn't need to have USB 3.0 speeds, I just want to know if it would be able to read data off cd's


@ph000 - Have you taken it out yet? If you have what is the interface PATA or SATA?


I haven't taken it out yet, but I looked it up and the interface is SATA


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