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Revamped version of the iPhone 3G with faster processing speeds. Repair of this device is similar to the 3G, and requires simple screwdrivers and prying tools. Model A1303 / 16 or 32 GB capacity / black or white plastic back.

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Home & Wake/Sleep button and USB/Charging not working

Hi, The Wake/Sleep & Home button does not work. The phone doesn't show up in iTunes and will not charge neither through a power devise or the computer (and yes I use the USB hub on the computer not on an external keyboard or such.

I can "wake" the phone by pulling out the sim card. When I enter the pin I get to the last place i was before this problem occured: the systems settings pane. I now have 20% of battery left. The phone was synced three days ago but the pics taken this weekend anre not synced with iTunes.

- Can i repair the phone ?

- If not can i extract the info on the phone somehow ? (Only the pics are needed the rest ive got in the computer.

Thanks for all your help


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no 1 thing to check is your dock connector..just take a quick look at it and see whether there is any dirt or debris stopping the USB cord making good contact. use a soft brush or a toothpick to flick it out. try a different USB cord. If still nothing you may need to replace the dock connector itself. Your photo's should be safe and sound unless you try a dfu restore..which I don't think you need!

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Thanks! Ive cleaned the connector (with Isopropylalcohol so its clean) and there was a lot of dust :) but its gone now. Ive tried three different USB-chords and they work on my iPod but not on the iPhone. So I guess Ill have to replace the dock connector. But the strange thing is that the HOme and Wake/Sleep buttons aren't working. Will they if I replace the dock-connector ?


the contacts for the home button are on the top of the dock connector. you could try opening the phone and checking that connector 4 is in place properly. it's pretty uncommon to have everything fail all at once. if you've dropped the phone it might have just bumped the connection off. (try that first..it's cheaper than buying a whole new part) just use any guide on the right under the photo of the phone. please hold power button until "slide to power off" shows, first before opening phone..we don't want any other problems!


Hi, I wish I could "hold power button until "slide to power off" shows" but that button doesn't work either.... So I can't turn off my phone. I Guess my best bet now is to drain the battery completely until the phone shuts it self off and then open it up.... I dont want to short circuit anything

Ahhhh this is frustrating :)


yes it is!! just stick with it, you'll get loads of help from all here


Yep its working I: drained the battery, opened the phone, the connector nr 4 was loose, i gently pressed it so that it fit back, put the cord in the socket and it started loading, then i assembled the phone again.

Thank you for all tips and support!


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