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2.0GHz, 2.3GHz, or 2.6GHz quad-core Intel Core i7 processor (Turbo Boost up to 3.8GHz) with 6MB shared L3 cache.

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820-3662 PPDCIN_G3H and PPBUS_G3H short to ground

Hi, I have a macbook pro 2013 with a short to ground on PPDCIN_G3H and other rails it share (PPDCIN_G3H_INRUSH, CHGR_PHASE etc.)

I tried to replace ISL6259, but no change. Then I tried to inject voltage to PPDCIN_G3H_CHRG. It draws 3 A at 0.2 V and Q7130 is slightly warm, but when I inject voltage on the other side - CHGR_PHASE, nothing gets really hot. So I guess the problem is on that side of FET. Fuses F7140 and F7141 are good, so PPBUS_G3H is also shorted

Any ideas what i should do? Thanks

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Have you got this issue solved? I'm experiencing something similar with an 820-2914-B. When I remove the FETs I get some voltage rails. I've replaced U7000 several times and the problem persists. I'd appreciate your reply.


Yes, as I mentioned in the other comment. Problem was Q7130 and Q7135. They were completely shorted - 0 ohm so they did not get hot at all. P=R*I*I. So when there is no resistance -> no heat


Dear friend, thanks for your reply. In my case, I replaced the FeTs as many times. They didn't blow in the process and when I test with the multimeter they're still working properly. In fact when I remove Q7030 and keep Q7035 I have greenlight and some voltage In the rails. However, when both FETs are soldered on the board, the MagSafe gives me an instant green light. If I keep the MagSafe connected I can observe pulsed green light. I checked the resistors around the U7000 several times, replaced caps, checked the path between U7000 and the FET, checked the path between the feet and C7025 as well as between C7025 and U7000. I'm really !#^&@@ about this situation. Can you give some (green light ) on this thread?

I'd appreciate any help.


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I think you’ll find Louis Rossmann’s vids more helpful, as there is a process you need to follow which he does quite well and explains it! Late 2013 15" MacBook Pro vids

Update (11/27/2020)

Please don't buy a cheap knock off unit as they will damage your system! Get the REAL Apple unit directly from Apple. It looks like thats what did you in in the first place!

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Yes I know his videos. Problem was Q7130 and Q7135. They didn't get hot or anything, but I was desperate and removed them. Boom, now I get at least some voltage rails. I'll have to wait for new parts, but I hope this will fix it


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