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Repair and service information related to Dell Inspiron 15" (inch) laptops.

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I just bought it and it is freezing help What can I do?

Hi Guys, I just bought a new laptop Dell 15 3593. The processor is i5-1035g1 with 4gb of ram and 1tb HDD. and when i open up 3-4 tabs in mozilla it freezes and it runs like s..t.

It may be from the lack of the ram ?or is it damaged.

How can i test it in order to be sure that is ok? i tried by putting a CPU-Z to see if the component are the one specified .any ideea

I realy need an answer because i m thinking to send it back

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Hi Guys,

@mayer it is the chipest varint with this procesor and after reading the benchmarks and rewiews and i really want a long term laptop . Eventually i will send it back if nothing works.( i ordered a new SSD and a 16 GB ram )

@jayeff I instaled the windows 4 time until now different verrsions . So far i tried 10 Pro, home, pro N, enterprise.

I m assuming it is not from the Windows version. Regarding the Drivers i took them from Dell Website.

I will try searching for his ID online to see if anything is wrong.

Thank you , i will come back if i find anything .Or if you have any other ideas let me know( so far i transformed it into a project.. i don’t wanna quite until i found out what is the problem )


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Send it back as it’s not worth your time.

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Hi @costyn ,

Are you talking about the Firefox web browser when you say Mozilla?

Have you tried using Windows Edge to see if this happens?

If it doesn’t happen in Edge then here’s a link that shows how to troubleshoot Firefox.

It may not be a hardware problem.

Check in Event Viewer (right click on Windows Start button, left side of Taskbar and click on Event Viewer). Look for Critical, Error and Warning events that appear often.

Click on the event to get more information and then search online using the event ID and source info to find out what may be happening.

Have you checked that Windows is up to date?

Are you using a 3rd party Anti Virus program? If so temporarily disable it and check the laptop’s performance

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