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Maytag Bravos X HE Toploader not draining Soap Dispenser

  1. starting several months ago we find about a half cup of water left in the soap dispenser after running a wash. This wasn’t a problem before I have cleaned the tray, find it appears to operate normally, the valves move freely. I have stuck a pin into the 3 tube holes behind it and found nothing clogging it. We have to manually empty the cup before each load
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This can be caused by low water pressure. The water inlet hoses have screens that can get clogged. Here’s how to clean them:

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Thanks, I will check this out and report back


So, as a follow up, I pulled both hoses, there wasn't screens there, but two round plastic sleeves with tiny holes that were a little dirty. I cleaned them and replaced, but the problem remains. Still water in the Detergent cup


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