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A followup to the LG V10 smartphone, similar to the LG G5, released on September 29, 2016. The LG V20 can be distinguished by the model numbers F800, H910, H918, H990 DS Dual, H990N Dual, H990T, LS997, US996, and VS995. It is available in titan, pink, or silver with 32/64 GB of storage.

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Loudspeaker contact point is broken

One of the two small pins on the motherboard that make contact with the loudspeaker has been broken off of the motherboard and lost. Is there any way replace the contact point?

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Would it work if i rigged a little piece of something conductive in there to make contact with the speaker?


Depends on what and how you rig it up.


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Call your local repair shops and see if they do microsoldering. They may be able to replace that broken contact.

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