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MacBook Air 13 won't boot [A1369]


I was gifted a Late 2010 MacBook Air 13 that won’t turn on one to two years ago. Now I am bored out of my mind and thought about fixing the MacBook

Model A1369 , Serial C02DN9WKDDR1

When I plugged in the MagSafe I cord the LED turned green, then after around one Minute it turned orange, didn’t turn on.

Then I did the standard procedure

  1. standard procedure
  2. SMC reset
  3. ⌘-⌥-P-R to reset
  4. Unplugged that battery, nothing besides the MagSafe Adapter showing a green LED light.
  5. Then I checked for water damage and visually inspected everything but couldn’t find anything wrong with it.

So I am running out of Ideas.

Block Image

Block Image

Block Image

Block Image

Can anybody think of something else I could check? I hate to throw the MacBook away.

Thanks a lot


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look in youtube for Louis Rossmann macbook videos. You need soldering iron and other stuff. May be those videos give you some hint where to start.


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Carefully dust off your logic board using a small soft paint brush and a can of can’ed air. Following the guides put everything back together. Do make sure you put the correct screws back to the correct locations.

Once everything is back together with just the battery disconnected, press the power button for 30 sec’s to make sure the logic board is fully discharged (leave the battery disconnected). Now plug in your MagSafe charger your system should spontaneously boot up. If not did the fan move a little or running?

Let us know.

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Hi Dan, thank you for your help. I've cleaned the logicboard as well as the MacBook in general with a detailing brush, put everything back together (except the battery), presses the power button for 30 seconds, connected the MagSafe charger. Nothing not a sound, no fan, zero

The only cold solder joints I could find are theses >


OK, what is the color of the MagSafe with the battery disconnected, then connect the battery and reckoned the MagSafe what is the color now? Amber, Green or nothing?

I did not the black plastic clutch cover has a sizable crack, what does the display look like from the front any damage along the bottom edge? You'll likely need to clean the display to really see the damage.


The MagSage is green when the battery is disconnected, amber with the battery connected.

The Crack on the plastic cover is pretty sizable but the rest of the MacBook seems OK, that's why I also checked with a extra monitor.

I don't get a fan sound or OSX chime

Pictures of the MacBook


The MagSafe should have been Amber with no battery. Thats telling me the charging circuit is damaged which can also explain why you're not getting power at all to the system.

I would start by replacing the MacBook Air 13" (Late 2010) I/O Board. If that didn't help then your MOSFET's on the logic board are damaged at which point you'll either need to get your board repaired by someone who has the skills, tools & parts. Or, you'll need to replace the logic board.


Hey Dan, thank you very much for the troubleshooting help. I'll resolder the cold joints, if that doesn't help I'll order the board and update this thread as soon as the board arrived.


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