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Thermal fuse replaced wires won’t stay connected

I replaced my thermal fuse but after each load the wiring falls off one of the prongs of the fuse. I had to pry the connectors off as this was a 12 year old dryer and first time any repairs need. Once I placed the new fuse I noticed the female connectors were very loose and basically fell off on their own. I tried using pliers to tighten the connectors to the prong but it did not help the issue. I did use electrical tape to hold the wire in place so I could finish my laundry but after the load was completed the piece fell off again. I really don’t want to reconnect this piece after each load of laundry. I’m not sure if I just need to re-crimp the wires or if there are any other solutions I am unaware of.

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do you have any pictures? its hard to fully understand the problem



Why did you have to replace the thermal fuse?

What caused it to operate?

Has that been fixed?


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Solder it into place.

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