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Lost a few of the gold contacts from under a i9 9900K

Can it be repaired ?

Update (03/26/2020)

Block Image

The upload seems broken

Update (03/28/2020)

Thanks for your help but your not seeing it right. Try opening it up in a browser and zoom in. Its very clean the gold pad has been dissolved by what I suspect was liquid metal.

The gold is missing from the pad. There is no corrosion for that exact reason it can’t be cleaned off.

So back to my original question.

Can the gold contacts be replaced?

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Can you post pictures?


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If your laptop’s motherboard has bent or broken pins, see the Motherboard Has a Bent or Broken Pin problem page for information and tips.

Those pins don’t look like they’re missing. They appear to have either thermal paste or corrosion on them. You can use a bit of 99% isopropyl alcohol and a toothbrush to gently scrub that stuff away. Let it air dry for a couple of minutes and you should be in business.

Don’t pour the alcohol directly onto the CPU, dip the toothbrush in the alcohol and you should be fine.

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