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A black ergonomic gaming mouse released by Razer in September of 2014. It is the most popular of the DeathAdder series.

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Why is my mouse not working and overheats when plugged in?

I plugged in my mouse on the back of the PC and turn it on, it brought me to the screen said that the PC is going to shutdown to prevent damaging the mainboard, also if i plug it on the back of the pc when its on, anything USB related that is plugged on the back of the computer stopped working unless i restart the PC. pls help

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why does my mouse stop working is it the heat ?


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Hi @feboi ,

What is the make and model number of the PC?

Appears as though the mouse may have possibly damaged the USB port or the USB controller in the PC.

First do not plug in the mouse any more, anywhere, until you have sorted out the PC problem first just to be safe.

Turn off the PC and then use a strong light and a magnifying glass to visually inspect the USB port to check for any physical damage such as bent pins etc. Also examine the mouse’s USB plug as well.

If they appear to be OK the PC will have to be opened to see if the USB port can be easily disconnected from the PC to try and isolate the problem further. Hopefully it may be a modular component and not one that is hard mounted onto the motherboard.

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