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theres fuel to engine but won't start

Getting fuel from the tank but the engine won't start.I poured fuel in the throttle body and it starts.Has new fuel pump and filter.

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Hey Buck, can you give us more detail?

Was this a problem before replacing the pump and filter? Does the engine crank consistently or does it slow down? How do you know the fuel is reaching the engine, did you pull the plugs and watch for fuel to spray in? Did you re-check connections (particularly to the fuel pump)? Tell us more so we can help out!


I agree with Phil that the problem could be much further down than just the pump or the filter. I would disconnect the line closer to the engine to make sure you're actually getting fuel delivered up there. Have you looked at the fuel rail or the injectors?


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The fuel line has a check valve next to engine.Looks like a tire stem.Yes I was getting fuel to engine just not in it.Pressed for time I took it to a repair shop.First thing they did was check the fuel pump for presure.It was only putting out half the presure it should have been putting out.As we speak they are putting in a new fuel pump at a cost to me of $802.00.Thanks for responding to my question.Buck

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