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DVD player goes to PLAY but immediately back to 0:00

DVD player goes to PLAY but then immediately back to 0:00

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Did you try with multiple DVDs? We don’t know how old yours is as we don’t have the model, but some of the early ones from the 90s-early 2000s aren’t the most reliable laser wise as they tended to have more issues, so I would try with another disc - preferably commercial press. Another possibility is a lot of the newer DVD releases are burned DVD-R Manufacture On Demand (MOD). If you have one of those early 90’s players or even an early 2000’s upscaler, they tend to struggle with MOD releases. You need a player that handles these burned discs which can be an issue if the player is even 1 year too old. The only way out is a player designed around burned media.

If you are using commercial press releases and not a MOD release and it works with one but not the other, the disc may be bad. Try with another commercial press DVD and see how it works with 3 to get a larger sample. If 2/3 work, I would just replace it if it’s commercial with a disc only copy at a discount, esspecially if you have the case.

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