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Lançado em 22 de setembro de 2017. Modelo A1864, A1897. Disponível como GSM ou CDMA / 64 ou 256 GB / Cores Ouro, Prata e Cinza Espacial.

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What is the best way to remove rear glass panel?

I’ve been trying heating with a gun and using blade and pry with plastic prayer. Not much results.

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That makes a lot of sense. Best option for me it to get new chassis


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If you want to remove the rear glass from an iPhone 8+ it seems the best way is to use a laser cutter. The back glass is very firmly attached to iPhones, and it is very dangerous and practically impossible to remove it without lasers.

My recommendation is to buy a new housing completely, and transfer all of the parts across; much simpler and safer. If you aren’t confident moving over all of the tiny parts, then housings can be purchase with all parts in except motherboard.

Of course, if you are doing regular repair it would probably be worth it to buy a laser cutter.

Hope this helps!

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Completely agree. Unless you do a lot of back glass replacements, it's far easier and cheaper to just replace the back housing.


Brilliant! Glad I helped


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Here’s how to do it:

How To Fix iPhone 8 Plus Black Screen/No Display

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