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iPhone disabled after reboot. This is weirdest I've seen.

iPhone 6 plus was suffering from low storage volume. It has 126GB and the phone is filled up so that remaining space was on 33MB. Didn’t think much as the phone was still working, so I powered off the phone. Replaced screen, reboot the phone……then phone shows iPhone disabled, connect to iTunes screen. How?

I tried to put back to old screen, disconnected battery, reboot, multiple times, but still same thing. It had iCloud but iCloud photo library or imessages were never turned on and was not able to (i guess it was because of no space). I know I should backed up and remove some stuffs but didn’t think of it because iPhone was working.

Do you think updating will get the screen to enter passcode to get in?

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When you say “iPhone disabled, connect to iTunes,” are you referring to the screen that appears after too many password tries or the Recovery Mode screen?

Also, updating ( NOT restoring ) should work, but I’m not 100% confident as I haven’t tried it on a phone with low storage before.


Yes, that is the weird part. I turned phone off, turned it back on and it's locked saying iPhone disabled, connect to iTunes. Weirdest EVER! Im just afraid to trying update. This phone only had 30MB memory left.


This seem odd does a lack of storage actually cause boot problems?


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The only time I have seen this is when a phone developed phantom touch. As this is an iPhone 6 plus it is a good candidate for this scenario as it is a signature fault. You will not be able to update a disabled phone through iTunes. You can only do a restore.

You could try with 3Utools it has an option to restore with users data. You can try this once and it should bring you back to the enter passcode screen. I have tried this on one phone and it didn’t recognise the passcode I put in, and went back to the disabled screen.

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