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This Nintendo DS Lite was released in 2006 as the successor to the Nintendo DS. Getting inside this device is simple, making for easy fixes.

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Screen goes black when top screen is fully open, hinge problem?

Hi all,

I have a ds lite that has a broken hinge which make the top half very floppy. I have to hold the screen up with ‘back support’ to make it work, else the screen goes black. Is it a problem with the hinge, or a problem with the ribbon cable inside the hinge, or even something else entirely?

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The only thing I could think of really being associated with the hinge is the ribbon cable. But even then the console would probably remain on and the screen would just turn black.

In terms of fixing it I'd recommend getting a replacement screen. Be careful installing though as ribbom cables are very sensitive. Make sure to look up a video on how to replace a screen on YouTube.

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