Display Damaged? Or LCD Cable?

Hi All,

Got a Surface Pro 4 - Stopped booting, would not detect internal SSD from any Live USB / Recovery / Windows installer so I declared it dead requiring a hard drive replacement. Explained the risk to the customer and still got the go ahead to open it up :D

I have (extremely carefully) removed the LCD panel - this is not the first Surface Pro i’ve worked on and am familiar with the level of care - this all went well this time around - no cut-through antennas, no cracked glass , no severed cables - as far as I can see there's no visible damage of any kind.

Upon loosening the LCD panel though , I thought to power it on and test it (Previously I could see the Surface Logo and get into the UEFI Setup)

Now I only get the backlight illuminated but no display - nothing else - it just sits there with the backlight on and no display until i manually power it off.

I’m hoping someone here more familiar with the Surface Pro / Surface Pro 4 specifically would be able to provide further info.

External display via a Mini DisplayPort > VGA adapter works fine .... I'm hoping that I may have just damaged the LCD cable.

Customer has already got a new laptop and is happy for me to hold onto this one.

Any thoughts and suggestions? I'm considering possibly buying a new LCD cable to try but thought I would post here first :)

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