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Released June 2017, the iPad Pro 10.5" replaces the 2016 iPad Pro 9.7".

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No power. Dead A1701 iPad Pro 10.5"

I have an iPad Pro 10.5” model number A1701. I am trying to diagnose and fix a power issue. I've tried two batteries and three charge ports and the current on my USB detector reads 0.01 amps at 5.13 volts no matter what. I've tested multiple capacitors, but I lack the guides to tell me which capacitors are associated with which circuits. I don't see anything burnt up or anything, but I need to get power to this somehow. Any suggestions or leads?

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A bit of background info on what happened to the iPad leading up to this issue would be helpful. Was it repaired, dropped or came into contact with water…or did it “die” out of the blue. Sometimes using “cheapo” chargers can cause similar symptoms as well.

As for the problem, assuming it happened out of the blue, the normal troubleshooting is battery, charge port, charge circuit (on the logic board). If it is logic board related, then it would be a Tristar or PMIC issue and neither of those is a DIY repair by any stretch.

If the iPad was dropped, repaired or got wet, then it could be anything. Your best bet is to have it looked at by a shop that does micro-soldering repairs. The 10.5 is difficult to repair as there isn’t much technical info available.

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