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Original replacement screen backlight broken, old one still working


so i recently replaced my screen because its glass is broken.

On the new screen (which should be legit) the backlight is not working.

I just read on here that there may be some problems, if you don’t disconnect the battery prior or knock off some parts of the mainboard when fiddling around with the ribbon cable connectors.

But when I connect the old screen everything works just fine. So my filters und ics on the mb are not damaged. The connectors on the ribbon cables of the replacement screen seem fine too. I don’t see any damage on them. I tried the new screen with the case and everything open, so there is no way I got the screws wrong either.

How likely is it that I broke the screen backlighting during repair? Or did I just get scammed and recieved a broken screen?

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I don’t know about being scammed but low cost screens do have higher failure rates than higher quality screens (which is why they are cheaper ;-). If you have to wonder aloud if the screen is legit, then it probably isn’t. If you did buy it from a reputable supplier <cough, iFixit, cough>, they will stand behind their products and help you out. If you bought it on eBay or Amazon, check what recourse you have for a replacement or refund.

Either way, the first step to take is to try another screen seeing as how your original screen works.

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Thx for the answer. Yeah I bought it from some random guy on ebay, who said he had it lying around for 2 years. It was 40€ with tools. He sent me the whole devices with everything except the mb. Let's see if I can get the money back...

btw do you know how to identify a original screens?

The one with the broken backlight has the apple logo on the flex-cable.

Every "professional" that I asked, only had so called "mfi-certified" screens.

I know that those are replicas and lack the "true tone / true color" feature. I saw devices with these screens built-in irl and can definately still see the difference in quality in terms of color and feel.

Do you know if iFixit-screens are harvested from old iPhones with original screens or if those are replicas too, but of higher quality?


Look for the Apple logo on the flexes. Also look on the frame to see if there are any stamps or stickers that would show this was built by someone else. Apple screens have no other markings. In some cases, iFixit does offer new (aftermarket) or used (original, harvested) screens.

There is no such thing as an MFI certified screen. There are Apple original screens, either new from Apple or harvested. In some cases they could be original but from a rejected lot from the manufacturer. I believe wholesalers call these "original pulls" but I'm not a screen expert, maybe someone with more direct knowledge can chime in. Regardless, you will not find screens like this on eBay or Amazon, only reputable wholesalers who have direct contacts with factories in China.

The main difference between today and just a few years ago is that the major wholesalers have been developing some really high quality aftermarket screens.


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