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Rapid battery drain and front mic doesn't work

Hello! I’ve got an iPhone 6s with two (I suspect) motherboard-level issues: 1) incredibly fast battery drain; 2) a non-functional front microphone (used for Siri and speakerphone calls) with quiet sound, sometimes static, and sometimes fully working audio after recording audio for a few minutes.

I tried replacing battery multiple times, but it didn’t help — this 6s goes from 100% to 1% overnight! I also tried replacing front camera flex cable (the one with front camera, ambient light sensor, and a microphone) but it didn’t help either. In both cases, I did multiple replacements: two batteries and three front camera flex cables.

I know that I’m looking for a motherboard-level repair now, but before I go to the repair shop, I’d like to know what kind of repair I should be looking for. For battery drain, I believe I’ll need to replace the Tristar/U2 chip, but I have no idea when it comes to the front microphone.

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I don’t think this would be a Tristar issue. It sounds like you have a partial short on one or your power rails probably from a faulty IC maybe Tigris or speaker Amp but it is hard to say without taking measurements and knowing the phones history.

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Thank you, Chris. The only thing I know is that this phone fell into the snow for a few minutes (two years ago), and I had to dry it as some of the water got into the speaker grid. I also used non-MFI charging cables, but I doubt those could mess up the phone. iPhone's motherboard looks perfect to me, no signs of water damage whatsoever.


@Nikki Hi Nikki, I have a similar problem to yours, except my 6S has no sound at all. I also replaced the battery and had the Tristar replaced but to no effect. could you please let me know what the problem was exactly? it would be much appreciated thanks


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