No power after battery replacement


So I just did two refreshments on my mom's MacBook.

First I replaced the battery(Ifixit kit) , than booted up, see it was charging - good.

I don't really think what comes now is the issue, but I will tell about it.

I placed the new ssd (WD Blue sata 500gb) inside the adapter for the MacBook and put that combination inside the apple m2 to USB adapter. Than I cloned the OS with carbon clone,disconnected the battery, replaced the SSD, connected battery again, reset NVram, it booted up everything was fine, battery still showed up.

I also taped some of the back plate to prevent shortage from the risen ssd.

So everything worked and my mom went home on her bicycle and that's where I hope is the issue. I just hope my mom had a bumpy ride and the connector became lose. I'm gonna visit her tomorrow and check that out.

BTW, device starts with charger connected, but shows X on the battery icon, also don't start when charger is not connected.

I just wanted to know how likely is that?

Just in case I'm wrong I wanted to ask for some troubleshooting, I will take my multimeter with me.


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