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Model A1297 Unibody: Early 2009, Mid 2009, Mid 2010, Early 2011 & Late 2011

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Why is the charger orange when battery is fully charged

Battery shows full charge until charger is hooked up, then the battery shows 99% with the charger going from green to orange

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The battery is still telling the charger it needs power. I would make sure you are using the correct charger for the system and check the cable and MagSafe connectors. Review this guide: Apple Portables: Troubleshooting MagSafe adapters. Be aware there are a lot of fake chargers out there! OEM MagSafe Chargers vs Cheap Imposters: Teardown for Truth. Make sure you got a real one I’ll warn you its not easy to tell the real from the fakes! The only way is knowing the source where you buy it, Apple is the only one I trust.

Install this gem of an App so we can see what happening CoconutBattery post a snapshot of the main window here for us to see Adding images to an existing question

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re: charger.

I am using Apple chargers only.

All are producing the same results.

Could the battery be faulty ?


Let's see! Post the CoconutBattery snapshot so we can check it.


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