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Low performance and overheating

I have a ASUS ROG GM501 (gtx 1070, 16 gb of ram, i7, 144hz monitor) but i have a problem regarding to the performance.

I always get below 35 fps on games like fortnite and MC5 and below 20 on apex legends. I get a temp of 90° with balanced fan and 95 on overboost, if i try to turn silent mode, my laptop is lagging drastically. I really need some help….

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Hi, were you able to fix your problem? I have the exact same laptop and the same problem as you.


I cleaned the dust off the fans. But the problem didn’t go away.


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This is due to thermal throttling. Which basically means that the CPU and GPU go to a lower clock speed to lower the heat. Have you tried blowing out the dust? This is most likely the cause.

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Thanks bro, im planning to clean it. I knew that was the problem. Hope u help more people like me.


Something to add to that. You can see how much your CPU is throttling by just using your task manager. Check at what speed your CPU is rated at and see if the speed in task manager is equal while playing a game.


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