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iPhone stuck in recovery mode after failing to update becuase of timeo

Hey. My iphone 7 plus got stuck in recovery mode after failing to do a factory restore via itunes becuase of the 15 minute timeout. Please help i tried a soft and hard reset many many times i need help i want it to go back to the disabled screen rather than to be stuck here

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You can use 3uTools to kick it out of recovery mode. The software is free.


What software should i download for it?


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I had this happen to my two iPhone 7’s, two different phones. Apple fixed it both times. Take it into the Apple Store, they should repair it under a recall. They will provide a loaner phone. The phone can’t get out of recovery mode because of a hardware failure.

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had i tunes error 10 when the phone couldnt restore, i also found out i wasnt using the newest version of itunes. So can it get fixed by just using the latest version of itunes and restoring again?

Also, will apple charge any money to fix it?


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