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The fourth-generation Surface Pro tablet, released October 26th, 2015.

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Broken screen and apparently the original SP replacement is faulty

I’ve broken my SP4 screen and when i do research I can find some cheap screens, and i’ve heard the original screen is defective and was a samsung product, eventually microsoft started using LG screens which became the Surface Pro 5 stock screen.

So i’m just confused, as someone on this site also placed a 1 star review on the SP4 screen

Surface Pro 4 (1724 v1.0) Screen

I’ve also heard i can buy SP5 screen and a different connector cable, does anyone know the truth? thanks

Imagem de Surface Pro 4 (1724 v1.0) Screen


Surface Pro 4 (1724 v1.0) Screen


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from what i can see online the screens between the 4 and 5 are different from part stores i checked. Very few products will have the same connectors from the lcd to motherboard in newer models. Amazon has some decently priced screens for the surfaces. Also another reason why i dont believe they would work between different models is surfaces install drivers and bios through windows updates more so than any computer. Adding parts like that would most defiantly be different software wise for them compared to other company’s like hp or dell.

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