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Released May 2018. Model number XT1922.

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Can I put superglue in a crack?

I recently dropped my phone and there is a crack in the actual phone, not the phone screen. The phone has got a gap between the screen and the inside. There is also a shatter connected to it, but I'm not sure if it's on the screen protector or not and I'm to scared to take it off. I have kept the pieces to the phone but I don't want to have to get it repaired again. Please help!

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Melbury, most likely not. We would need to see the damage so post some good pictures with your QUESTION. Superglue is really not great for filling gaps and has only limited tensile strength. If anything you should consider different adhesives. Again, when we see the damage we might have a better idea.

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Super glue is GREAT for cracks. That is the secret weapon of guitar repair people or what you might call a luthier. Just use the gel extra thick and some after you apply it use a spray bottle filled with water and a little baking soda to set it. This will cause a chain reaction and you might see a little smoke. You can also dip a q-tip in dry baking soda and apply it to you super glue. Wow. It’s magic!

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