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Lançado em 3 de março de 2017, o Nintendo Switch é um computador de mão que pode ser jogado na TV ou em qualquer lugar.

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Using a Nintendo Switch as a movie platform

Hi all,

I am considering into buying a Nintendo Switch. I would like to use it for 2 things; playing Switch games of course but also using it as a Netflix/Disney+/movies device. If you dock your Switch to your TV, does it display movies like that? And does it even have apps like Netflix or Disney+

Also, if there would be apps for movie watching, do you need to have Nintendo Switch Online?

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This is a good use for watching movies on Android. Besides I use the new TV BRASIL app:


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No, those apps are not available for the Switch. And for some games you need Nintendo Switch Online (to play online multiplayers).

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That's a shame. I can still remember the good old days of my PS3 having free online multiplayer.

And for the Netflix apps not being on the Switch is such a shame. I'd take it that many people use a switch for entertainment in the train, or on the plane and it would be logical to also be able to watch Netflix on it. Shame, missed opportunity.

Anyway complaints aside, thanks for your reply. I know what I wanted to know.

Cheers and have a good weekend.


Hi Niels,

Yeah it's too bad. From now on we need to pay for the online services. Well it's still free for the PS3 (as far as I know). But you need to pay to play online for the PS4 and for the Xbox, and now for the Switch too. For now, they are not available in the E-shop for the Switch. But it was available for the Wii-U. Not sure why it's not available anymore (licenses expired?). Anyway, enjoy the weekend!


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