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Lançado em 16 de setembro de 2016. Modelo 1660, 1778 Disponível como GSM ou CDMA / 32, 128 ou 256 GB / Ouro Rosa, Dourado, Prateado, Preto Mattte e Preto Brilhoso.

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Audio IC failure affected models

Hello there!

I just won a brand new iPhone 7 (32GB model) and since the phone is new, I was wondering, maybe it’s time to upgrade my iPhone 6S from a while back.

I know this is not a big jump, however the thought of a new device is very tempting.

My question is, was the Audio IC failure ever addressed-revised in the later manufactured models of the iPhone 7, or this phone is a ticking clock, waiting to die on me?

The device was produced in 2019/04.

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All Iphone models appear to have “Signature Faults”. Iphone 6 and 6 plus have Touch Disease, 6s and 6S Plus have backlight issues and 7 and 7 plus have a lot of Baseband and Audio IC Issues… So whatever your decision on upgrading, you are taking a chance of getting one or more of these issues.

Having a New device is usually better in most situations as the battery is fresh, Newer IOS updates, etc… but if it’s not broke, Don’t fix it :)

Save your 6S as a backup device and backup your data… try your new phone out and see how you like it. Some people swear by Apple devices, but I’ve been doing cell phone repair for several years now and I swear at them, Lol… I have a 90% + business fixing Iphones and the only times I see others are for broken screens, Charging ports or batteries for the most part.

My honest advice… stay away from Apple

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I think there is some observation bias here though...the reason we see so many iPhones that need fixing is because a) there are so many sold (one iPhone vs 100's of Android devices every generation) and b) they retain their value enough to warrant repair. Lots of people simply chuck their dead or dying Android instead of repairing them. Also, iPhones are pretty much the only devices for which we have all of the technical documentation so we can also push the enveloppe of the type of repairs we can do.

The other reason we see so many iPhones is that Apple really pushes the tech envelope. Just compare the density and complexity of the logic boards between an iPhone X and a Galaxy S9...they are worlds apart.

As a tech, without iPhones we wouldn't have viable businesses and the fact of the matter is that only a tiny fraction of iPhone owners will ever have an Audio IC issue...we are just in the business of working with those who have ;-).


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