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The Eventide TimeFactor is a delay-effect stompbox pedal sold by Eventide, an American audio, broadcast, and communications company.

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Replacing dc power input in factor series pedal

How do you replace the dc power input in a factor series pedal?

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Hi @owenfairbairn

Here’s a link that may be of some help.

If the socket itself is faulty then the pcb will have to be removed from the case and the power socket unsoldered from the board and replaced.

I think that it is a 2.5mm socket - examples only as this link seems to indicate this but I may be wrong and have it reversed (scroll down to Eventide to view the adapters required for it to work with other products) and it is a 2.1mm socket - examples only I can’t find any information on the actual plug size when looking at the power adapters required to power the device

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