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The Roboraptor is a dinosaur-like robot which uses few motors to move and plays mono-grade audio. Released in 2005, it also came with a remote control.

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Can someone fix my Roboraptor's head rotation problem?

The problem is that when the head is supposed to rotate once, it rotates three times around before stopping in the 90° position. When I press the “Rotate Head” button on the remote, it will turn 90° into the position from before, then pressing it again will make it rotate 90° again, then pressing it again will make it rotate about 180° to the original position, or 270° into the 90° position again. Pressing the opposite button will make it rotate in the same way in the other direction. This started when the batteries got low earlier last week, and the Roboraptor managed to turn its head when the motor was having trouble turning it, where it did the same thing. This usually fixed after a reboot, however. Now, rebooting it does not fix the issue, after I finished charging the AA batteries this morning. I do not know how to fix the problem. Does anybody have an answer that could help me? Thank you!

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At one point, the head twisted so far to the right, I heard a *click*, but managed to twist it 90° back into the correct angle.


The batteries discharged completely and were recharged, but this did not fix the issue. I would like at least a suggestion on what might be a good fix. Anything would be appreciated. Thank you!


This device has no other questions and no replies or answers. Are people having trouble posting them? Please reply, as I do not know if others can post questions, comment on them, answer them, or create guides or wikis for the Roboraptor. If there is no reply, I will assume nobody else can do anything related to this device. Thank you!


@azazelo Thank you. This may be quite a helpful hint!


It seems that I also did not mention that this only happened after the batteries discharged and the motors were too weak to move the head.


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Hey, In my case, the issue with the head position was tilted because of a broken spinal rod. The neck contains 3 plastic rods that are nested from either side. The head of the roboraptor was always tilted to one side, and when I opened it up, I saw that one of the rods was snapped. I replaced it with a rod from another raptor I kept for parts, and then it got right.

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