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Some keyboard keys not working, even after replacing actual keyboard

I had a problem with certain keys not working on this netbook like these keys: =[.c

Figured it must be the keyboard so I bought a new one. Pretty easy to swap out. The keys still do not work. What should I check next? Is there any way to troubleshoot this, or should I resign myself to using this with an external keyboard (which really defeats the whole purpose of a mini netbook)?

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It definitely seems to be hardware. I booted the machine to the BIOS interface and found a field to type in and the same keys do not respond. So, it can’t be a Windows driver. The keyboard is new and that would be a huge coincidence if the exact same keys were broken on the new keyboard as the old one, so I believe my old keyboard was fine and I have another problem. I’m not sure if it is possible to diagnose/repair it at this point. But thought I would put it out here in case someone had any ideas. Thanks for your response.


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haven’t got a definitive answer for you but in my opinion first you need to determine if its hardware or software, there are other applications that will tell you if your keyboard is giving an output (it may be working but not know what output to give) i have personally used some gaming software for this in the past (xpadder is one that allows you to assign a key to a controller button i already had it installed but it shows you the key press) but if you go online and type in keyboard tester you should find something similar

if its a software problem and it does give an output but not the correct output then it might be worth going into you’re windows settings and adding a new keyboard layout see if that cures it, might be something as stupid as uk and us layouts being slightly different

if its hardware then really you need to prove if its they keyboard or the laptop, you would have to put either a known working keyboard in (dont trust what people on ebay say iv been scammed before) or you would have to put one of your existing keyboards into a known working system to either prove/disprove this,

if the old keyboard died because of water damage then check the board for corrosion and if found clean off with IPA

best of luck

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