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Model A1051 / 4 or 6 GB hard drive

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Dead device, new battery, no display


So, recently, after binge watching DankPods for a full week, I decided to go and try out a repair on an iPod myself!

I bought a 4GB iPod Mini 1st gen, for just £2.20 delivered. Not a bad deal!

So far, I’ve managed to take it apart and give it all a look over. The issues I’ve seen are:

Bloated battery

One tiny resistor has fallen off the board

Touch wheel is loose. Buttons all seem to click but it doesn’t actually stay in the device, if I were to flip it over, the touch wheel would hang out

And that’s it. I’ve already given it a new battery, but that hasn’t fixed it. Tried putting it into recovery mode and hard resetting it, and I’m getting nothing. No sounds from the MiniDrive, and iTunes isn’t seeing anything. I think the screen is good, it flashed on for a second a few times but instantly cut out again. Only the backlight though.

So, any suggestions on where to go from here? I’m not bothered about making this repair economically sensible, I’m doing this purely for fun, so I’m happy to replace parts above it’s market value. Any idea where I should move to fixing next?

My current theory is that either the drive is utterly dead, or the bloated battery has broken something on the motherboard and caused chip damage. Obviously there’s a tiny resistor missing from the board but I don’t think that’s enough to COMPLETELY brick a device

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@raptorrrepairs this “One tiny resistor has fallen off the board “ may just be what your iPod needs. You can’t ignore things like that. Now here comes the fun part. There are absolutely zero schematics available for the iPod. You will need a different board where you can measure the component and replace it.

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Yeaaah I thought that seemed pretty obviously. I've had this happen once or twice with iPhones before and the device survived it, but I guess I didn't get lucky this time. Luckily, I have another iPod arriving soon. I'll try out that board and try to fix the missing bit!


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