CD/DVD printing - non standard materials

I have a rather odd usage case… I have an ET7750 printer with a CD tray. I do not however wish to print CD/DVDs. :) What I *DO* want to print though are playing cards. So I laser cut some cardstock to the size of a DVD with a cutout in the center the size of a standard playing card. I then trimmed the center hole out where the riser is you lock a CD in and glued the jig to the tray along with a card to give the printed card a bit of a rise. The card printed perfectly. HOWEVER… The printer refuses to print the inner hole. I can understand why the software does this… Obviously you don’t want ink spraying through the hole when there’s nothing to print on there. But equally obvious, my playing cards do not have any holes. So I want to print to that center area. Does anyone have any idea how to force the issue? I’ve tried with illustrator and photoshop (neither likes to print to the cd tray very well at all) and with the epson print cd software. The epson software works but refuses to let me choose an inner diameter less than 18mm.

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