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Repair and troubleshooting for the HP Pavilion x360 line of laptops.

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Why is there white lines through screen and no display

Why is the screen showing only horizontal white lines

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Try connecting an external monitor to the laptop’s HDMI port (if it has one) and check if there is a display being shown on it.

Even a TV can be used as an external monitor as long as it has HDMI inputs and you have a HDMI cable which is compatible with both the TV and the laptop HDMI sockets. Don’t forget to change the TV “input” to the HDMI port that the cable is connected to.

After connecting the external monitor, turn on the laptop and then when it has booted up, press the F4 key to toggle (i.e. press > release > press > release etc) the video output between the laptop screen, both screens on together, one display across both screens (extended view) or external monitor only.

If there is no display on the external monitor either you have a faulty motherboard.

If there is a normal display on the external monitor, it may be either a faulty LVDS cable or cable connection at either end motherboard or display panel or a faulty display panel.

What is the full model number of the laptop?

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Yo dude.

If you are new to repairing hardware check out a local I.T store for a solution. If you want to adventure yourself you should open it and take a look to the flat cable that connects the monitor to the motherboard. Make sure it is not damaged. Put some Isopropyl alcohol to clean the contact. If that doesn’t help i think it is better for you to see an it tech.

See ya

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