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Sony Bravia KDL-40w600B TV Display Blinks once every second.

After about a minute display starts blinking.

Cannot access self diagnosis feature.

I will open it up and have a look at the boards tomorrow.

Block Image

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Hi @mike8888,

Looking at the service manual I’m wondering if there is a faulty backlight CCFL tube in the panel.

p.9 of the manual indicates what the Standby LED count pattern is for a backlight failure but only refers to the “panel module” as well as what boards supply power etc and presumably you only get this problem if the CCFL has failed entirely and is not blinking on and off.

Just my thinking on this.


Thank you Jeff. I will be checking that first.


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@mike8888 your panel is a LED backlight panel. If your Display actual appears to turn on and off and thus looks like it is blinking, you may have issues with the backlight array. Your TV should have an LD board and once you have your TV apart post some good pictures of your boards etc.. Clarify for us that you get sound etc. or that you at least checked if you maintain a picture during the blinking, by shining a flashlight beam at an angle against the display. Personally I’d check

power board output

LD board

LED backlight array

My number one suspect here are the backlight strips but measure the voltages between main board and LD board etc.

Block Image

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Update (01/29/2020)

@jayeff possibly a generic message. I've added the SM to my answer for verification Sony-KDL-40W600B-and-more.pdf Hopefully I’ve read it right :-)

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Thanks oldturkey,

I was able to do the self diagnostic test but it found no problems even with it blinking. It ran a sound and picture test as well and brought up a clock scene which does not blink at all. At the end it said if I saw no issues it's probably a content issue.

I also believe it's a ccfl issue. I can take pictures of the boards tomorrow.

Thank you.


@mike8888 it's an LED backlit TV. There are no CCFL's :-)


Hi @oldturkey03

I must have been looking at the wrong service manual (that I linked above. It calls it a LCD TV and not a LED TV) as it mentions precautions when handling the CCFL under the Safety Notes:

"1-2. Caution Handling of LCD Panel....

6) Disconnect the AC power when replacing the backlight (CCFL) or inverter circuit. High voltage occurs at the inverter circuit at 650Vrms"

unless this is just a generic warning for all their models which would seem strange. Same model number, different chassis number perhaps??



Hi @oldturkey03 ,

Fair enough.

You read it right ;-)

It is hard to miss the "LED Backlight" designation in the block diagram on p.6

The manual I linked states "common information" but though the model number is the same it has a different chassis number to the SM that you posted.

Guess it might depend on which chassis it is but I think that your SM is probably the correct one.



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